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Access Guide
        The Biwako Visitors Bureau can provide you with different services when you hold meetings or conferences. Please feel free to ask us about them whenever you need them.

        Up to 1,000 copies of all publications will be provided free of charge. A fee of ¥50 will be charged for each copy provided after the first 1,000.
Shiga Sightseeing Guide (Japanese)
Shiga Sightseeing Guide (English,Chinese,Korean)
        This comprehensive guide to sightseeing destinations in Shiga Prefecture is full of information on the best places to see in each area during each season.
        This booklet is a handy sightseeing guide to Shiga Prefecture, as it contains information on events throughout the year and different facilities.
A4 size / 28 pages
Guides are available for free, while supplies last.

Shiga Prefecture Tourist Map (Japanese)
MAP OF SHIGA (English)
        This detailed map of Shiga Prefecture shows the locations of the most popular sightseeing spots. It enables first-time visitors to confidently navigate their way among places of interest.
        The back has a list of the best places to see , so it can be used as a reference for sightseeing in Shiga Prefecture.
A4 size / Folded
Maps are available for free, while supplies last.

Shiga Tourists' Guide (English)
Journey to Shiga (English)
        This guide introduces the rich environment and seasonal charms of Shiga Prefecture and Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, to foreign visitors.
A4 size / 20 pages
Guides are available for free, while supplies last.

Additional Conference Materials
Bag for publications
Bag for publications
        This paper bag is used for carrying conference-related materials and other items. One side features an illustration of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, and the other has Japan's "hinomaru" symbol. The design is sure to delight overseas visitors.
Bags are available for 50 yen each, while supplies last.

Convention Information
Biwako Convention Guide (In both Japanese and English)
Biwako Convention Guide (In both Japanese and English)
        This publication is a guide to sites in Shiga Prefecture where conferences and meetings can be held, as well as the lodging facilities that can be used during those events. It also includes information on well-known tourist sites, special products, and companies that can assist with conducting the events. It is extremely useful for people planning conferences or meetings and the sponsors of those events.
        There is also a CD-ROM edition.
A4 size / 60 pages

Visual Aids
Visual images
Rental of photo materials
We have stock photos of shrines, temples, well-known Shiga sightseeing locations, scenic beauty in Shiga during the four seasons, conference venues and lodging facilities.
1. These materials can be used in pamphlets for conventions or meetings.
2. They also can be used for visual presentations during those events.
These materials are provided free of charge.

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