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Lake Biwa, the birthplace of water
Filled with crystal-clear water, this mother lake sits with an air of perfect composure. Shiga enjoys a natural life and culture stemming from the tenderness of the lake.
Lake Biwa & People

About a sixth of the total area of Shiga, Lake Biwa is blessed with outstanding scenery surrounded by the mountain chains of Suzuka, Hira, and Ibuki. Throughout history it has been radiating great beauty and magnificence of nature, as captured in the famous Hiroshige's woodblock prints of "Omi Hakkei (Eight Views of Lake Biwa)."
Historical Legacy & Worship to Gods

Lake Biwa and its surroundings have been nurturing historical and cultural heritages and promoting natural life. Shigaraki Ware, one of the so-called Six Old Kilns in Japan along with Tamba, Echizen, Bizen, Tokoname and Seto, is a typical traditional art craft along with Omi-sensu (famous paper fan). Shiga has a rich cultural legacy including ancient castles and various festivals.
Deep Forests & Hot Springs

The great landscape surrounding Lake Biwa will surely soothe your heart and here and there you can take advantage of the natural blessing of hot springs. Shiga has many healing spots.
Outdoor Activities & Entertainment

In spring, strolling under cherry blossoms around castle ruins, marine sports in summer, viewing colorful foliage in autumn, and in winter, skiing and hot springs, offer year-round after-convention entertainment.
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